Magnolia Home Furnishing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

FAQs about Magnolia:

1. How about the influence of Baiyulan?
As the leading enterprise of domestic cupboard industry exported to U.S., Baiyulan always insists that "quality is the life" in the last 20 years of development. Kitchen and bathroom cabinet products produced by it rank the first among domestic counterpart industry in terms of aesthetics, quality and market orientation. It receives customer praise, and has established long-term cooperative relationship with famous U.S. cupboard distributors, such as JSI, SQA, KWW, etc. With its good reputation, these distributors have become permanent friends of the company, and are proud of cooperation with Baiyulan. Baiyulan still receives continuous order under current unfavorable economic situation, and keeps 20-30% growth rate.
With the constant development of Baiyulan, its social influence, demonstration and production scale shall be improved further, and the company is bound to the model in wooden industry and "frontrunner" in cupboard industry.
2. What are the reputation, production scale, export volume and export countries of Baiyulan?
Corporate reputation: the company observes contract and keeps promise and is an AAA credit enterprise. It always adheres to the quality policy of "Brilliant Management, Further Pursuit, Customer Satisfaction and Constant Improvement", insists the scientific managing principle of "system first, quality first". During many years of entry-exit inspection, its products always keep 100% product pass rate, and win very high reputation in North America market.
Production scale, export volume, export countries: 850 staff, 20800 m2 of production workshop area, more than RMB 0.2 billion Yuan of annual foreign sales, products exporting to America, Europe and other markets.
In addition, the company has newly built a 20000 m2 workshop, which has been put into production in October 2011. It introduced automatic spraying device from German and Italy. It also reformed the existing paint process and adopted water-base environment-friendly paint. Then the production capacity can increase by 60%, and the work environment of painting workshop shall reach the leading level of the related domestic industry.
3. How about the construction and operation of quality safety automatic control system of Baiyulan?
The company always adheres to the principle of "quality is life and honest and faithful". ISO9001:2000 quality management system and product quality and safety traceability system are established since the beginning, and theses systems have been put into practical production management. Strict inspection are conducted in terms of selection of raw material supplier and qualified assessment, regular examination of plywood batch (qualified testing centre of the third party), regular self-check and examination of paint, hardware and glue, and each link of production and process. For product safety, large amount of manpower and material resources are put by the company every year, because what we pursue is not efficiency first but a sense of social responsibility on product quality.
4. How about the qualification and capacity of self test laboratory for Baiyulan?
The company can conduct glue cohesion temperature and water resistance inspections (refer to Japanese laminated wood inspection standard- No. 112, 1996), paint adhesion, thermal-cold cycle, yellowing test (refer to international standard), hardware salt-fog test, plywood boiling water stripping inspection, etc.
The company entrusts SGS Shanghai Testing Center and State Forestry Bureau Huadong Wood and Its Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to inspect raw materials.
The company entrusts Architecture and Decoration Materials Testing Laboratory of Industrial Products Testing Center of Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to inspect finished products.
5. How about the registration and system certification of Baiyulan?
Obtain certificate of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Standard in May, 2005.
Obtain Registration Certificate of Exit Bamboo and Grass Production Enterprise issued by Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Apr. 2008.
Establish D6007 laboratory in Nov. 2008, obtain U.S. CARB certification in Jan. 2009. At present, formaldehyde release of products exported by the company conforms to P2 standard specified in articles of USA California Air Environment Associate.
6. How about the quality safety of export products in recent three years?
In recent three years, 100% kitchen furniture products are exempted from national quality surveillance inspection. With perfect management and strict quality control, product formaldehyde release and total lead content (inspected by Industrial Products Testing Center of Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau) are significantly lower than standard value in terms of product safety and quality, even reach the strictest international standard for reducing toxic substance airborne transmission released by composite wood control measure in California Rules Codification issued by USA California on Jan 1, 2009. Products inspected by Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau are 100% passing rate over the years.